Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Seasons Change

Hangin' Out by the Pool

You know what Land & Seasons means.
Yep, time for the season to change.

Closing the pool.
Pumpkin spice.
Leaves start to change
Sweater weather
I'm not ready for jeans and sweatshirts! (giggles)
I'm not ready to close the pool.
Yeah, today is perfect pool weather!
Where are you off too?
We're doing some weeding.
The beds are overgrown again.

Lulu and Nutmeg look comfy.
Fiona looks like she is having fun.
(piggy snorts)
And Finella, Heather, and Skye look like they are having fun too.
(giggles) I almost missed Trapper!
Ha! He's sunning himself on the blue spot! Too cute!

This might be a bigger job than I thought.

Nah. Teamwork you know.
Yeah!  We'll be done in no time.

You know, fall means Halloween is coming.
Any thoughts on costumes?

I have a couple.  But that's a discussion for another day.
Who's turn to float?
Anyone for Barrel of Monkeys?
I just love hanging out!

Well, I guess we should start cleaning up.
Yeah, sun is going down.
And the streetlights will start to shine.
What are you looking forward this fall?

Goodbye summer; hello fall!



  1. A lovely end of summer day. Barrel of Monkeys sounds fun to me!