Monday, September 27, 2021

Model Monday: Melody #4

Retro Fashion Plate

I know the 80s is not everyone's favorite decade, but it is one of mine and when American Girl released their 1980s girl I started nit picking.  For instance, her name...really should have been Andrea or Angela or Christine or Debbie or Jennifer or Karen or Lisa or Laura or Michelle or Monica or Stephanie or Tracey or Veronica.  Name aside I love most o the collection!  So many great fun things! Then came the second wardrobe release and quite a few must haves!  Melody had to grab a few pieces and show them off.  

The Shoot

We had so much fun today!  Which is your favorite shot?

The Details

I LOVE fringe!  I have two fringe jackets in my closet and a fringe dress and a pair of fringe boots.  The sound of fringe moving just makes me happy! I HAD to have this jacket.  Then the herringbone...I had a really cool skirt suit in light blue and black herringbone.  The pink accessories...

Jacket:  Courtney's White Fringe Jacket (American Girl)
Top:  Courtney's Tank Top Set (American Girl)
Skirt:  Courtney's Skirt Set (American Girl)
Belt, Hat, Shoes:  Courtney's Awesome Accessories (American Girl)
Glasses:  Original lilac glasses (American Girl 2004 retired)

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