Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Meatloaf's Rail Adventures #13 Plus

Testing Motorcars

This past Sunday the weather was nice enough for meatloaf to go on a test run with Franz and Xyra.

They got permission to run a few miles of track with 2 runs per car.

There was much excitement as they spotted 10 chipmunks, 6 groundhogs, 6 squirrels, 3 rabbits, 1 low flying red tailed hawk, 1 black and white kitty, and 1 rather ill-mannered dog.  All the nice critters scurried or flew away from the tracks safely to safety.  The ill-mannered dog also stayed safe despite its repeated attempts to grab the motorcar as they passed.

Lanie is Happy

We rummaged through the wardrobe selections Peni and Lea brought on the wagon.  There was plenty to choose from and took a festively dressed photo to celebrate Independence Day. 

Lanie was very happy.

Blog Business:  Follow by eMail

Do you get an email when a new post goes live?  Blogger has made a few changes and the widget that permits follow by eMail is being phased out this month.  We haven't quit figured out what is the best way to continue and the suggestions provided are kind of confusing.  If you would like to continue receiving eMail updates please send us a note to melodyq2000 at gmail dot com.  We'll compile a list and see what we can do to keep you in the loop.  Please know we will not use your email address in any untoward manner or sell it to anyone either. 

Have a great day!  Stay safe and well.