Thursday, October 1, 2020

Throwback Thursday 80s Style

We Got the Beat

Hey, Mel!


You need to hear this song.

Really?  What is it?
We Got the Beat by The Go-Gos.

Love it!

Later, Mel took the walkman and listened to a great mix tape!  Adam Ant, Madonna, Simple Minds, U2, The Go-Gos, The Bangles, REM, The Ramones, The Cure, Pat Benatar, Meatloaf, Queen, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Sam Harris, The Thompson Twins, The Eurythmics, OMD, Journey, Men at Work, Big Country, Ratt, Dio. 

Totally awesome!  Who would be on your mix tape?

While Lanie used her photos from Xyra's photo albums and year books to create an outfit, Mel's outfit is mostly part of the new historical American Girl Courtney's collection. the attention to detail is really nice with working buttons, the flats are pointed, the scrunchy and lace fingerless gloves, bracelets are really cool.  There are a details that could be improved.  The socks should have lace edges, the walkman and headphones should be silver and black only, and the velcro closure on the jeans should be stronger (took a few times to get it to connect properly).

Thank you for dropping in!  Have a great night!  Stay safe and well!



  1. Well it looks like you girls really had fun today. I would say "groovy" but that is from my generation and would not fit in with the time frame (laugh).

    I really like your outfits.

    Ms. Dorothy

    1. That's funny, Ms. Dorothy! Xyra says groovy all the time and neato and awesome and fab.

      Thank you! Have a great week!
      <3 Melody and Lanie

  2. Mel needs to add some Duran Duran to that mix tape!