Monday, August 17, 2020

Meatloaf's Rail Adventure #12

A bit late, but!

Good gravy! I can't believe I forgot to come back and post this. So I made a few tweaks. Enjoy!

Heading to Harrisburg

Meatloaf, are you ready to ride the rails?
Good boy!  Let's go to the truck!

Milk and Honey?

The other weekend Xyra, Franz, and Meatloaf joined our friends from the Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad at the Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad for a motorcar trip.  It was a small group this time. 

It was rough going early in the morning because a rain storm went through over night and it was still raining in spots and there was flash flooding along their normal route.  All the low spots in the road through Reading, PA were impassable. Luckily, Franz works out that direction and he was able to find a route using back roads. 

They arrived at the railroad late and last, but that was okay.  Everyone helped unload and the trip got started.  Meatloaf likes the Soo Lline car because it has inspection windows that he can look through without stretching.

The train of motorcars headed out through the woods and along the river to a high bridge.  Right across from Horse Thieves Cave was a rope swing.  The ride guide told everyone the railroad goes out a few times a year to clean off the graffiti.

The bridge was really high so meatloaf didn't venture too close.  He wanted to stay safe.

Soon they headed back to the starting place and went further to an area with many tracks for lunch.  Just before they ate an Amtrak train passed through.

After lunch everyone rode back up over the bridge. This time they saw people enjoying the water.  the rope swing, kayaking, tubing. Everyone was waving to each others railroaders to swimmers and back!

Soon it was time to head back to the set on spot to set off and head home.  A hot, sticky, summer day with a lot of adventure.

PS. Xyra went into the cave and thought it was really cool. she would have like to explore more.  Reminded her of Scooby Doo episodes. 

Thank you for stopping by!  Have you ever swung on a rope swing into the water? Maybe kayaking or tubing? 

Have a great day!  Stay safe!




  1. Meatloaf is adorable! Looks like he had a lot of fun on the train! I really like the picture of Meatloaf on the train track. I've never gone onto a rope swing into the water, but kayaking is a lot of fun.:)

    1. He really does love going on these rides.

      I tried kayaking once, but it seems I don't sit flat or even and had trouble steering. :-D

  2. What a fun adventure! Meatloaf certainly had a good time. It looks like he was wearing his green safety vest like the train workers. I bet he is ready for the next train ride.

    1. Yes, safety first for Meatloaf. Definitely, he is always ready for the next ride.

  3. Meatloaf always has the best adventures!