Wednesday, June 24, 2020

We Interrupt Our Weekly Updates

With Who Wears it Best Wednesday

Formerly Known as Twinning Tuesday

So at my birthday picnic two set of "twins" attended. Flo picked out one set, Grace and Peni! Lanie and Lea was the other. Check out their photo shoots.

Grace and Peni

Both are wearing Kirsten's baking outfit minus the "wooden" shoes.

Lanie and Lea

Here the girls chose Addy's summer plaid. They did wear the boots.

So who wore each outfit best? Or which is your favorite pair?

Thank you for stopping by!  Much love to all!


  1. How can one choose? I love the baker outfits and the little bare feet of Grace & Peni, but the other outfits of Lea & Lanie are cute too esp. with their boots. Thanks for this lovely post and a look at the outside of their home. Love the back photo of Lea & Lanie and the first one of Grace & Peni. Thanks for a great look at "twins".

  2. Dear Xyra, I think it's a tie.
    Winning for Most Colorful Outfit are Grace and Peni.
    Winning for Most Stylish Outfit are Lanie and Lea.
    I hope you had a nice birthday celebration!

    1. Yes, that makes sense too. :-)
      Kirsten really enjoyed her picnic.