Sunday, June 7, 2020

Weekly update #5

What a Week

Opening Note
After much consideration I must speak.  I grew up learning that God is love.  That God created all.  I learned about Jesus and the good shepherd and the great commandment.  My heart is with the good shepherd who left the 99 to help the one.  My heart is with my neighbors.  What does that mean?  It means I believe in love and equality for all and where there is inequality there must be change.  It means Black Lives Matter.  It means that I may never understand or be able to walk in your shoes, but I am here to listen and to learn and to love. I also support the good police officers out there; yes, you can do both.  With regards to the riots, please think of times in your own life when you get extremely frustrated.  Do you sit there calmly?  Do you blow up and lash out?  Depending on the situation I can be known to do both, so...

As I know this is a very conflicted topic right now, I remind you that I moderate comments and anything disrespectful or hateful will not appear on this page. This is a page of love and love only.  If this opening note compels you to un-follow my blog, well, I'm sorry to hear that. I thank you for the time we spent together and wish you the best.

Monday June 1 National Say Something Kind Day
I can't believe you are drinking lemonade during national Iced Tea Month.
Hey, I have tea too. 
Iced tea in a real tea cup?
Sure why not.  You know it is National Say Something Kind Day, right?
(giggles) Yeah, I do. Not fishing for compliments are we?
Nope not at all. (giggles)
It was nice for Peni to share her tablet with you.
Yes, it's a great little device, she said we can all use long as she isn't already. (giggles)
Would you like some lemonade? It's the good kind.
Sure, thank you!

Tuesday June 2 Birthday Celebrations
Woo hoo!  Today is Opa Hans' birthday.
Grace and Peni made his favorite cake.
Very tasty!
Angel food cake.
We didn't have any strawberries though.
Hope you had a great day, Opa Hans!

Hey, what other days are coming up?
Hmm, national egg day, national hug your cat day, national doughnut day...
I like those!

Wednesday June 3 National Egg Day
So today is National Egg Day. We decided to decorate a few for this special occasion. What do you think?
My favorite is the green one.  
However, I love scrambled eggs for breakfast. Really any time of day is perfect for scrambled eggs.  What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

Thursday June 4 National Hug Your Cat Day
You know we are embracing this day.  (giggles)
Especially after our dear Cheri crossed over to Rainbow Bridge last week. We're hugging the others a bit tighter.
So true. 
Do you hug your cat regularly?  We do, so they don't mind it at all.
Unless we choose a time when they don't want to be hugged. (laughing)
True, then it is a very quick hug.

Friday June 5 National Doughnut Day
Hi!  Did you know the first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day?  
Yep.  Doughnuts have been around a really long time.  During World War I the Salvation Army headed to the front to serve a bit of home to the soldiers.  They originally thought about cake and pie, but the facilities weren't that equipped.  they decided on the doughnut! And the Doughnut Girls rose in fame.
My favorite is the chocolate frosted.  What's your favorite?

Saturday June 6
Well, we're not sure what Saturday was, but we took advantage of the great weather to do laundry and other things.  Hope you had a nice week!  See you again soon.

Much love and warmest wishes!


  1. Thanks for speaking the truth. These are tough times but our ancestors and future generations demand more from us.

    We have to start listening to the voices of others. We have to start trying to envision the world from their perspectives. We have to reach across the divides of race, and class, and culture because we are all in this world together.

    As this disease has taught us, there is no "us" and "them," we are all "them."

  2. Totally agree, I was debating on doing something on my blog, but I just couldn't find the right words. You put it so well here.

    Interesting fact about the Donut Girls too, I never knew that!

    1. Thank you. I thought long about this. A few revisions too.

      I new a little bit about the Donut Girls, learned a little more when The Queen's Treasures had an outfit and set a few years back (probably their last anniversary), and did some more research. Always learning! :-)