Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Something Side Chat

Hello Fine Readers

Hi, everyone! How are you doing today? All is well in our corner of southeastern PA. Our Christmas decorations are still up, but our gifts have been sorted so that they are ready to be used.
We love sharing our blogiversary with you and the fact that it's on Elvis's birthday is a plus. This year the movie channel is having an "icon-a-thon" showing Elvis movies. Do you have a favorite set of movies you like to marathon? We have a bunch.
We're planning out 2019 and hope it all falls into place like we want to. December didn't quite go as planned. That happens to everyone.
Anyway, our plan this year includes several tea reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, adventures, rail trips, a few more parties, calendar builds, photo shoots, and...
Our first giveaway. I'm really looking forward to this! More details to come on that and soon!
Since it's my birthday month, I get to be in charge of all posts and assignments. So far I have my minions (giggles) working on a year in review post to take a peek back at 2018 and another set working on updating our blogs we visit page. Lots to do! Delegating is awesome!

Once again, we, especially I, give a huge shout out to you our readers and followers. Thank you for inspiring us to do our best. 

Much love and best wishes,


  1. Happy belated blogiversary! I can't wait for the new posts in 2019!
    Stay warm!

    1. Thank you, Lainey! Staying warm has been a challenge lately, but we saw 40 back in the forecast soon. Hope all is well in your area too!