Friday, January 4, 2019

On the 11th Day of Christmas

New Finery

Oh, so beautiful!
I love the green sash!
(giggles) You would focus on the green.
(with some snark) And you're not focusing on the burgundy?
(giggles) Okay, okay. You have me there.
Nana Kestrel said Xyra helped pick it out when they were at Lydia's Guild in November.
So who gets to wear it first?
Burgundy girl, of course! (laughing)
(clapping) Thank you!

How Do I Look?

It's chilly out so I grabbed the cloak. I like the color, but it always messes up my hair. (giggles)
This dress really fits well. The sash pops. And it "has puff sleeves!" Although, not quite the style of Anne's.
The dress came with matching accessories; a necklace and bracelet. I'm not a huge fan of the necklace as a necklace. It's stretchy and I'm afraid it will burst.
It works very well as a stack bracelet with the other bracelet.
So what do you think? How does it or I look?

Best wishes!


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