Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Build: May 2018

We Really Didn't Forget

Hi! I bet you forgot or thought we forgot to build the May calendar. Nope, just took a bit longer than we thought and then we couldn't fit a photo shoot in. That really stinks when that happens. So now here it is almost Memorial Day and you're just getting to see the calendar.
Anyway, this one has a lot of people! It's a festive month. Some might call it busy. We went with food carts to fit our vehicle theme, and you have to have people at the food carts!

So over here we have Olivia and Emma with Olivia's robot delivering a beverage from Mia's cart.
The bride and groom are deciding which cart to go to and their dalmatian puppy is sniffing the bouquet.

Andrea and Emily are discussing ice cream with Stephanie. The pug puppy is hoping for a doggie dip.
Over here is the hot dog vendor. Simon and his pup are ordering lunch there.
Now, if you look at the calendar itself, 
the row colors represent the kind of May we are having in southeastern PA. Brown for freshly turned earth and mud, dark green for grass and leaves and new plants, pink for all the flowers, grey for overcast skies and rain, finally the blues and yellow of sunny skies. Oh, and the birds. You know spring is here when mornings are filled with songs you hear through your open windows.

I like the bride and groom best. 
You know, there really is a lot going on in this build. you can't quite see the spring flowers and other animals.
How about a different angle.
That way you can see some of the other flowers and the hedgehog and black kitty and catch a glimpse of bunnies. 
Simon is disappointed because the hot dog guy doesn't have sauerkraut. What do you like on your hot dog? 

Here it is from above.
This one shows the bunny tail! (giggles)
So what do you think about May? 
Do you have a favorite part? Or do you have a favorite food cart? What does it sell?

Tchau! Até mais tarde!

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