Monday, October 30, 2017

Coolspring October 2017 2b

Coolspring Power Museum Fall Expo 2017

Day Two (continued)

Welcome back! Last time we "talked" I had just met Zara from Say Hello to My Little Friends. She's pretty cool! After exchanging hellos we exchanged goodie bags. Xyra and I both squealed over what Flo and Zara brought us. You'll see my squee tomorrow and i bet you will squee too! (giggles) So let's get to the Phantastic Phil tour of Punxsutawney

Punxsy is only a few minutes down the road from Coolspring. A straight route to town. (giggles) Not a straight route to find the Phils. This is one of the newer ones. It's at the new Cobblestone Hotel and Suites. But you couldn't see it from either of the roads. You had to drive into the parking lot and all the way around to the front portico to find him.
His name is Phil'd with Service
Good customer service is friendly and professional (giggles) he has that covered.

The next one we found was at Patsy Dunmire Park. It's a WonderPhil World is a pretty blue covered with primitive drawings of wildlife found in the water, on land, and in the air. 
The park was great! I had to check out the purple triceratops! She was adorable. 
Reminded me of one of the dragon babies we designed on Xyra's nook. She has an app for that.

Zara called me over to the climbing wall.
That was loads of fun.

I hit the slide a couple of times.
The second time I saw Zara at the bottom.
"Zara! Zara! Zara!"
"Oh no!"
"Sorry about that! I was trying to warn you to get out of the way."
"That's okay. Let's try something else."

Soon we got back in the car and headed back on the trail. the next one we found was another new one. They are really bright and shiny, the new ones. This one is HopePhil. From the front it looks like it only focuses on breast cancer.
But on the back you find all the care ribbons.

Next we found Philatelic at the post office.
He has a mail carrier's pack.
We pretended to be delivered. (giggles)

Then we were back on the road. We found the schools. My favorite was at the high school.
"Oh the Places Phil Will Go." 
His letterman sweater reminds me of the Phillies back home. (giggles)

On our way back we stopped at the Official Souvenir Shop and Phil Headquarters. We posed with the outside sign. It's groundhog shape!
Oh man, I was looking the wrong way again.

We found these great fascinators. 
Looked cute on both of us.

Too soon it was time to go back to Coolspring and part ways. I was sad to see Zara and Flo go, they got home safe and sound.

Which is your favorite Phil

If you want to see some of the other Phils we saw, check out Say Hello to My Little Friends this week.

So glad you stopped.  Come again soon!

PS. Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Cobblestone hotel and Suites, Punxsutawney, or Coolspring. All links are provided for informative purposes.

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