Thursday, October 26, 2017

Coolspring October 2017 1

Coolspring Power Museum Fall Expo 2017

Day One

Preparing and leaving for Coolspring can be stressful. I hated to leave Tatlo behind. I mean, Grace got to take Bonbon, but a tiny French bull dog takes up a lot less space in the truck than a wolfhound. And the truck is PACKED!

We left a little later than usual. Of course, we got out a little later too. Had lunch when we arrived. The sandwiches from the Coolspring General Store are HUGE and super yummy! I shared "the Coolspring" with Xyra.

Next item of business...setting up temporary home. Look at these new awesome lights from Lady Webby! 
They light the whole tent!

We are here! Yay! 
Bring on the engines!

So glad you came. Come again soon!

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