Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lazing on a Summer Afternoon

Lower Temp and Humidity - Yay!

Kaya, Lea, Melody, 2 or more

Out and About at a Local Park

Centennial Park. This looks like a nice place to walk.
Sure. Some sun, some shade.
Let's go! To the right!
That was a long loop!
I'm glad the last part is in the shade.
I see our car from here.
Let's check out the bleachers first.
They're kind of hot.
We won't be long. Pose!
Mel, What were you looking at?

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Grace, Haley, both

The house looks great!
Yeah, I think so too.
Tea and cookies for Rebecca and felicity.
Holly and Tama are hanging out talking and surfing the net.
Too bad the ceilings are too short for Madeline.
Well, she's used to old, French buildings.
Yeah, but estates not cottages.
Well, she's doing okay hanging out on the lounge chair.
We need to get a ladder to reach the third floor.
(giggling) Yeah! One of those library ladders would be cool.
Remember we need to pack things up when we're done.
Right. Why again?
Wow! Glad we had everything cleaned up!
Well, almost everything.

How do you spend your summer afternoons?

Best wishes,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! A $5 yard sale find. :-D

      Already been remodeled, so the second and third floor are the living space. First floor has been invaded too many times. :-D

  2. It sure has been a hot and humid couple of weeks, it can leave anytime! I'm still laughing at the cat...

    1. Yes, we;re ready for it to pass along too! Being in the 100s this weekend was no fun for us girls - nothing to do but stay inside and watch the Olympics. :-)

      Mulligan is a riot!