Friday, August 5, 2016

Green Thumb Endeavors Update 3+

Continued TLC

Hi! I know Lanie has been your garden host, but Coco and I decided to check on our own. Lanie agreed a new perspective might be nice for everyone. So here I am! Or here we are!


That brilliant sunlight behind us is the sunrise that hits the backyard. It's lovely; sometimes blinding. The plants seem to like it too. Coco, don't eat the lettuce.
Check out the petunia! There is a second blossom on the petunia.
The lettuce is kind of spindly. Not sure what is causing the brown spots on the lettuce.
We've gathered what we could. Maybe a salad for one of us, but I'm thinking Lulu, Nutmeg, and Razzi would like to share it.
These tomatoes are almost ready to eat. I think tomorrow.

The Plus

Check out how we tweaked the Lego calendar. 
See how Andrea and Olivia are under the umbrella? And the added water? We shifted the "waves" a bit too.


Guess what I found when I got home? The other blossom opened!
Did you notice how the natural light changed from morning to evening?

Tack så mycket for stopping by. Hope you have a great day!


  1. Not positive but I think the spots on the lettuce are either too much water or blight. We had issues with that last year and the year before. We planted nothing this year in hopes of the spores dying that caused the tomato blight here.

    The tomatoes and the flowers are looking good!

    1. After reading your comment we did some research online. The spots are a result of too much sun, so we will be shifting their location again. :) Thank you for giving us an idea on how to start our search.

      Tomatoes were super tasty!

    2. Good to know for when we try again in the future. We do all of our gardening in containers and sometimes it's hit or miss. Except banana peppers, we had so many of them last year we were sick of them!

    3. The article mentioned something about moving to a more shady spot. The funny thing is that last year Lady Maree had all sorts of lettuce in her hay bale garden and I think that was in sunny part of the yard. So who knows. :)