Friday, January 24, 2020

Fun Friday: Peni Factoids

Get to Know Peni

Friday Morning

Time to get up!
Huh? What?
It's Friday and time to share your factoids with the Tea Time with Melody Q fans.
Oh! Where do I start? 
It's easy. Check out Melody's or mine; that will give you a good start.
Am I ready for this?
Sure you are!

And Away We Go

Hello! How are you doing today? I'm really new at this but looking forward to getting more practice and becoming a regular. The others told me I'm rebooting the Fun Friday Factoid series. I looked at the others to see what I'm supposed to share. Here we go.

My full name is Penelope Blaire Silverleaf. My birthday is March 12, 2010.
Even being the new girl I have a couple nicknames. Most everyone calls me Peni, but I also go by Penel. Gramma Enne uses that  one the most.
Hmmm, pets. That's an interesting question. I love all of the animals already here. The hammies and cavies are so very sweet. 
I haven't been here long enough to really bond with anyone specifically, but Rascal does like to sleep with me. 
I don't have a doll yet. 

I have quite a few hobbies. Let's start with cooking and baking. I'm really happy in the kitchen. Cookbooks are fun to explore and I like making my own recipes too. Gardening is fun; especially growing my own ingredients; you know, herbs and veggies. When it's not garden season I like to read and crochet and sew and paint. I also like to go camping and fishing and hiking. Oh, and theater! I love to be on the stage.

Animal: I'm like Melody, no favorites; I love all animals. Whether they have fins, feathers, paws, or claws; warm or cold blood.
Book: Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew, Pipi Longstocking...almost any book where the main character has red hair. (giggles) O secondary character...Ginny Weasley Potter RULES!
Color: All shades of green!
Food: I'm a big fan of pasta dishes and pizza.
Flower: My birth flower...the daffodil. All sizes and shades.
Instrument: If it has keys...I play piano, organ, and accordion. Yep, the accordion. Oh, and the recorder. 
Movie: The live action Beauty and the Beast is one I can watch over and over and over. 
Number: 88 (giggles)
Rock Group(s): Hmmm, well, mine don't quite fit that actual theme, but here are my favorite musical artists. RUSH, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Meghan Trainor, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Depeche Mode, Lea Salonga, Kristen Chenowith, Shirley Jones, Dick Van Dyke, Elton John, Queen, Debbie Allen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Selena Gomez.
Sport: I like watching football and baseball.
Tea: Zhena's Gypsy Tea Fire Light Chai Herbal Red Tea.
TV show(s): Supernatural, The Goldbergs, Say Yes to the Dress, A Discovery of Witches, Property Brothers, any of the Star Treks. I'm also kind of into Doctor Who.

That's it. I  hope I did okay. Let me know if you and I share any interests. I'd also like to know your favorite photo from the post. 

Have a great day!


  1. Dear Peni, it looks like you are having fun. My favorite photo is the fourth one from the top. In it you are wearing your green dot dress. You look adorable.

    I like Nancy Drew also. She makes me want to solve mysteries even now. Hugs from Ms. Dorothy

    1. Hi! Thank you! Yes, I'm having a lot of fun with my new family. That green dot dress is gorgeous! I love it.