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Book Review: The Rabbit Ate #1

The Rabbit Ate My Homework

by Rachel Elizabeth Cole


Lanie, Melody, both

Hi, Mel! What are you and the bunnies up to? 
I was just playing with them and thinking about the book The Rabbit Ate My Homework.
Cool. That was an interesting book.
Well, it made me think back to our very first rabbit, Huda. He arrived in the summer of 2001. Boy did he like plastic and wire! The nicks on my black work boots are from him. And Franz had to fix so many cords.
Good thing he is an electrician. Wait! Is that why we have so many little fences around the living room now? (laughing)
Yes. Anyway, after Huda and before Nutmeg the triplets came to stay.
I loved the triplets!
Yes, they were great. We didn't have to watch cords as much with them. But remember how Fluffy kept his ears down even though he wasn't a lop.
Yeah. His silver ears were beautiful. And Digger would hop down the hall under the bed. Flash had the most high kicks during his romps. So...
Well, Tiny in this book...his behaviors just triggered a lot of memories from over the years.
I thought the same thing when I read the book. I mean, I didn't know Huda, but I've turned in a lot of assignments with the corners chewed off by Lulu here. (laughing) That's why when I saw this book in the bargain section I asked Xyra if we could have it. She agreed right away.



If you have ever had a pet rabbit, specifically a house rabbit, then you will understand everything Drew goes through while trying to hide Tiny in his room. Tiny was an awesome character! I did some research on the author and found out she does have "two very spoiled house rabbits." That's why Tiny is perfect. I really liked Libby too. She is just like us. If we had seen a little bun in distress we'd rescue it too. Overall the story was interesting and showed the trouble we can get into when we try to hide things.


I was really glad Lanie shared the Rachel Elizabeth Cole website with me. I like the design and really liked that she has house rabbits. Okay, now to the actual book. Drew is the main character and most of the action takes place in his room. The bad stuff really frustrates him; it's not nice that he wants to take his frustrations out on Tiny and get rid of him. I wish he would have tried learning more about having house rabbits instead of just getting upset at the bunny and his sister. On the other hand, it was good to see how much he really cared about Tiny when he got lost...oh, I won't tell you where. No spoilers from me. This was a fun read. I hope we get the other two in the series.

One additional note. This is not a picture book. The illustrations are few and far between, but when they show up they are really cute.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I liked this book, but did not like the main character. It is not the first time a main character and I did not mesh in the first book of a series. I may try to read on to see how he develops.

Why didn't I like Drew? He is hot-headed and selfish. Don't try to throw the "he's an 11-year old boy" argument on the table. Not all 11-year old boys are like this. They may have moments; we all have moments. He did show promise as he realized he likes Tiny.

I also did not like the parents. I may be overreacting, but for Drew to be that afraid of telling his dad how disappointed he is not to go bike riding in the first place and then after...yes, I have many instances when I have tried to fix my own mistakes...but even the way his mom talks to him about his father makes it sound as if dad is abusive.

Mom is a bit more sympathetic, but they are hiding something about stresses in the workplace from the kids and that is no good either. Plus her whole wetting the bed discussion is upsetting - at Drew's age I might think of something closer to the realm of puberty, perhaps she doesn't want to go there because he is her baby boy - plus rabbit urine smells nothing like human urine. Wouldn't his room smell more like port-a-pot than barn?

Libby is your typical little girl. Sweet, smart, and diabolically brilliant. She knows what she wants and sets on a course of how to get it...and is successful!

Now for the star of the show...Tiny! It is obvious the author has experience with house rabbits. The behaviors and mannerisms are described perfectly and made me think of our first house rabbit who truly enjoyed nibbling power cords; another one who excelled at binkies (high kicks); all our bunnies and their wiggling noses and thumps.

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Have you ever had a house rabbit? What was the funniest thing he or she did? The most frustrating?

Happy reading!

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