Monday, November 24, 2014

Hair Dressing

Time in the Stylist's Chair

If you look back at my pictures in previous posts you'd see how frizzy my hair was getting. I remember quoting Hermione in one post. (giggling) Anyway, the other day I finally spent some time in the stylist's chair and love my smoother look!


This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be nor did it take that long. Remember the following things:

  • Use the sparkly pick not a brush.
  • Gently separate each curl.
  • Spritz lightly with water.
  • Start combing from the bottom and work your way to the top.
  • Twist each lock lengthwise (like when you twirl your own hair while thinking) then roll the twist around itself so it makes curly q close to the scalp.
  • When dry, gently undo each curly q and let the hair untwist naturally.

Happy styling!

Best wishes,

Doll Finds: Dollar Tree

Three Great Finds

The other day we stopped to shop at Dollar Tree and just started browsing. I forget our actual goal. 

Give Me Light

The first great find is a clip lamp. Perfect for your bedroom or desk. This one was pink, but I think there were other colors.
[Xyra note: This light does work with 3 watch batteries; however, the on/off switch does not stay in the on position.]

To Infinity...

No, not Buzz Lightyear...we found a really pretty infinity scarf. There were three colors: yellow with red, green, and red/pink. I liked the green best.
[Xyra Note: This is really a headband.]

Recycle, Please

Every home should have a recycling bin. This will be perfect for cans, bottles, plastic, etc.
[Xyra Note: These were on a bottom shelf by the checkout. There were several styles I may go back for the green trash bin. They are supposed to be pencil cups.]

Additional Find

If you are looking for fleece to make bedding or other things for your doll - the baby section has fleece blankets in blue and pink. They sometimes have green and yellow too. Once washed, they also make great backdrops for portraits.

Which find is your favorite?

Happy shopping!

Best wishes,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Local Produce Stand

Tired of Early Winter

Melody, Kirsten

Bring Back Fall

Back in October, Kirsten and I had the chance to stop at an organic produce stand not too far from home.
It's always good to frequent the local produce stands to support local farmers and get fresh foods from your own area.
This one grows many varieties and sells from mid summer through the fall. Today he had peppers, tomatoes...
Carrots, potatoes...
Beets, gourds, and butternut squash.
We bought tomatoes and potatoes.
I really wanted some beets, maybe another time.

What is your favorite vegetable or fruit? Do you have your own garden?

Best wishes,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Giveaway Alert: Fun with AG Fan

Do Your Dolls Love to Party?

If your dolls like to throw parties, dinner, or teas, then you will love this giveaway! Fun with AG Fan has teamed up with The Shop on Leighton Avenue to help you set your holiday/party table. What table is complete without a three-tiered server and cake stand? These are great! (Treats NOT included.)
So head on over to Fun with AG Fan to get all the details and to enter. 
Don't forget to check out all the goodies The Shop on Leighton Avenue offers (we love our lap desk).

Best wishes to all who enter!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giveaway Alert: Karen Mom of Three

Holiday Dress Giveaway

Karen Mom of Three and Cupcake Cutie Pie have teamed up to offer a lovely holiday dress in a giveaway to Karen's readers. Isn't this a great dress?
Check out the details for entry on Karen's blog. Deadline is November 23.

Best wishes to all who enter!

Philly Coffee and Tea Festival Goodies

What Did We Bring Home?

So many good things available. We plan to place a couple orders before Christmas from a few places we didn't get to purchase from at the festival. So I went over the map and marked the spots we visited.
This is everything we brought home. Well, except for the Goshen Donuts (I'll tell you about that later).
Bingley's Teas we had to have the Jane Austen sampler.
From Capital Teas we brought home the Cinnamon Plum tea.
Chai Mookie's coco mookie was a must have. I'm glad they provided instructions.
Fashionista Tea's creamy Earl Grey has been added to our Earl Grey collection.
The larger CTC from Ghograjan Tea Estate.
A Kanlo Tea travel mug.
04 from Joseph Wesley.
Spiced Chai Honey from Taste.
I couldn't wait to read the November/December TeaTime Magazine.
I love this information from Cabot.
And, well, we brought home some Goshen Donuts, but they were devoured before we could get the pictures taken. 
Yeah, they were really good!

That's our Philly Coffee and Tea Festival experience. We are so very much looking forward to reviewing these items for you (my sisters are super eager to help since they didn't get to taste as much as I have already)! I almost forgot! My coffee bean bracelet from Sun Ministries; you can see I'm it in many of the pictures.

Best wishes,

Note to readers: The Philly Coffee and Tea Festival is a public event. Melody and I went out of curiosity and to learn more about one of our favorite things - tea. Our event recap and subsequent reviews are completely our own opinions - unsolicited by event coordinators or exhibitors. All links are provided for education purposes; no purchase is required.