Friday, October 24, 2014

October Days 14, 17, 18, 19, 20

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Haley, Kaya, Melody, 2 or more

Several Days Combined

Day 14 - Hot Chocolate, Day 17 - PJs, Day 18 - Blanket, Day 19 - Popcorn, Day 20 - Movie

ABC Family channel helped with this combination.
What a better way to celebrate Harry Potter week than with a movie day.
And when watching a movie one has to have popcorn (if you like it).
We made hot chocolate to drink.
Put on our pjs.
Crawled under a blanket.
To watch Harry Potter!
Yes, that's Draco not Harry, but you get the idea. 
Here we are watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

Do you know what scene that is in the movie?
What do you like to snack on while watching a movie?

Come back again soon.

Best wishes,


Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Day 13

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Kirsten, Melody, both

Day 13 - Rain

Rain is really hard to photograph.
Melody and I tried a couple of different angles from the front porch.
One with flash.
One without.
Then I tried looking out the front window.
Out the back at the hot tub.
But even film directors have issues making it look like it is raining in the movies. 
It has to be "pouring sheets" to show up on the film. It was only gently raining the day we took these. 
Then I had a great idea and got the rain indirectly by the drip marks in the puddles on the back porch.
After finally getting a picture, we scurried back into the house for a steaming cup of tea.
Definitely not nearly as cold and damp inside as it was outside.

What do you like to do on rainy days?

Come back again soon.

Best wishes,


Monday, October 20, 2014

October Day 12 Plus

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Day 12 - Cookies!

Everyone loves cookies, right? We eat them all year round. But have you noticed that you only get certain cookies at certain times during the year? (Think about Girl Scout cookies and Christmas cookies.) And if you get them during a different season they don't quite taste the same?
We found that to be true for a few of our favorites. Not chessmen or shortbread cookies or even chocolate chip for that matter. But ginger snaps and spiced wafers. We gobble them up in the fall. 

Right now we have Chessmen and Ginger Snaps at the ready. 
Both are great with a tall, cold glass of milk - actually a short, wide, cold glass of milk is better for dunking the ginger snaps.

What is your favorite fall cookie?

Plus Our favorite Tea Sweeteners

There are many ways to sweeten your tea and other beverages. Xyra is one of those people who is very sensitive to the artificial or low calorie sweeteners so we don't use Equal, Sweet N Low, Splenda, or Truvia. She says they have an aftertaste that spoils the natural flavors of the tea (and everything else).

What do we use? We have several favorites.

  • Agave nectar/syrup. We talked about this in another post. Agave is a natural sugar that comes from a type of cactus plant. It is low in calories and doesn't have an aftertaste.
  • Honey. We have three types here: radish, clover, and wildflower. All taste different and add a their own dimension to the tea cup. Honey is fabulous when you have a sore throat or cold.
  • Sugar. Yep, plain old white granulated sugar is perfect in almost everything. (Honey is better in green tea.) We also like turbinado sugar or sugar in the raw. It's a brown granulated sugar that still has some of the molasses in it. That adds depth to some tea blends. This is a bit different from the brown sugar for baking.

We don't like our tea super sweet. I'm talking less than a teaspoon most times even in a large cup.

How sweet do you like your tea? What is your favorite sweetener?

Thank you for stopping.

Best wishes,


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Day 11

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Lanie, Melody, both 

 Day 11 - Brown

Today we gathered a lot of our brown things and took them for a shoot.
Hats and boots and bags and kerchiefs. (The one from Addy's accessories is there.).
Tops and skirts.
What we are wearing.
Pine cones and shells and a football.
And animals.
Don't you just love Super Sheep?
Not to mention the bark of the tree we are sitting against.
And the leaves scattering the yard.
Brown is a lovely color.
Oh, no!
We should have included some chocolate and ginger snap cookies. 
We can do those another day. 

Thank you for stopping today.

Best wishes,


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Day 10

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Haley, Kaya, Melody, both

Day 10 - Yellow

This is such a fun challenge! Thank you Doll Diaries for the list.
We headed back to Stauffer's produce stand for our yellow picture.
Do you think we took more mums? Not at all. For yellow we did apples.
What? You say apples are red.
True, but we have...
No, the sapling is growing nicely.
So we have an apple tree that produces the tastiest golden apples.
Sadly, the big tree had to be cut down and its baby isn't producing yet.
Which is why we stopped at Stauffer's.
Aren't these apples lovely?
Love the golden yellow color.
Other yellow apples include Jona Gold and Ozark Gold.

Happy apple picking to you!

Do you like your apples sliced, sauced, in a pie or crisp or pancakes? With peanut butter or cinnamon?

Hahaha! I asked a similar question yesterday. :)

So I'll change it up a bit...How would you use these apples? Bake, sauce, pancakes, juice, cider, butter?

And I still would like to know if any one likes their apples with peanut butter, cinnamon, caramel, fruit dip?

Best wishes,


Monday, October 13, 2014

October Day 8

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Day 8 - Green

I love green almost as much as Kaya does. So I jumped at the chance to model for this day. Our new green polka dot jacket is perfect! Cute, huh? Then I found Frankie and a few other green things and stood among the evergreens.
Here is a closer look at my green headband. [Found this at Dollar Tree.] Love it!

Thank you for stopping!

Best wishes,


October Day 9

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Kirsten, Melody, 2 or more

Day 9 - Orange

At first we thought about pumpkins, but that is day 29.
So we thought and thought about something else orange.
We were passing Stauffer's...
Our favorite produce and flower stand...
and thought...
So Xyra pulled in and we found a lovely mum to pose with us.
Pretty, huh? We have an orange mum blooming at home we could have posed with it, but...
We wanted some apples too. Picked up some Honeycrisp.
So yummy!
Perfect paired with smoked Gouda cheese too.

Do you like apples? If yes, what is your favorite way to eat them? And what is your favorite kind of apple (gala, red delicious, granny smith, etc.)?

Thank you for stopping.

Best wishes,

Happy Holidays

October 13, 2014

Lots of things to celebrate today.

New Tea

Kaya, Xyra

One of the foods Native Americans introduced to the European settlers is the pumpkin. So I thought we should make The Republic of Tea's Pumpkin Spice tea.

This looks like it should be really good.
The blend includes: "black tea, ginger, cinnamon, natural ginger and pumpkin flavors, sweet blackberry leaves, nutmeg, cloves, allspice"...I bet it won't need any sweetener.
How do we brew this one?
The paper says, "Heat fresh water to a rolling boil, pour over tea and steep 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag. Add a splash of warm milk."
Bag into the pot...water...set the timer.
Oh, no! We've added too much water. This may be on the weak side.
(4 minutes later)
I've got my cup, the warm milk, and some pumpkin butter for on toast.  This should be a good pumpkin morning.
Smells really good. Tastes good too. I was right, no sugar needed - spicy and sweet.
Now, let's try it with the milk.
Yuuuummmm!  This is really good. I definitely want to try this again with the right amount of water.

What is your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin?

Kaya's Outfit

Moccasins: Kaya's Pow-Wow Dress of Today II
Skirt: AG Sightseeing Outfit
Top: Preemie tee shirt
Belt: Kaya's Meet Outfit
Necklace & pouch: Kaya's Accessories

Thank you for stopping.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Best wishes,

Note: The Pumpkin Spice tea bag was a free sample in the latest Republic of Tea catalog. This review was unsolicited and our own. All links are supplied for education purposes - no purchase is sugested, necessary, or required.