Wednesday, August 23, 2017

80 Percent Eclipse

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Grace, Kaya, Kirsten, LeaMelody, 2 or more

Come on! It's time!
Grab the viewer!
Got it!
You're not coming?
Haley, Lanie, and I are going to watch coverage on the NASA website.
She's going to try a selfie.
Of course. (giggles)
If that doesn't work, she's going to watch on TV.
Come on, Mel!
Very good! Later!

This should be a good spot.
Oh, man! There are clouds!
But they are moving. Just be patient, maybe we can catch it during the breaks.
Oooo! Look! Oh, cool!
My turn. (sighs) Clouds again.
Wait! There!
My turn!
It's so humid today. Hard to be patient in this heat.
I know, no change until Wednesday.
What did they say? Feels like 100 today? I believe it.
Ohhh! Look!
And here are the clouds again.
Oh, well. At least we all got a chance to see it with the pin-hole viewer.
Now, let's go watch the recap on TV with Lea.
You bet!

[Xyra note: Other than resizing, the photos were not edited. The shadow color on the capture paper changed during the course of the eclipse. The light blue is from around 2:35 PM there were very few clouds in the sky. The medium blue is from around 2:40 PM there were more clouds and totality was closer (we were in the 80% band, so our sky did not go completely dark.) The last is from around 2:41 PM. The clouds were heavy then and helping to darken the sky; caught this shot during a brief break.]

Lea's Selfie

I tried the selfie thing and it was really hard to find because the sun is just so bright and the reflection is too. This is what I got.
Then I realized that tiny dot in the bottom left was really it! Not the big blob in the upper right. So I cropped and enlarged it.
Cool, huh?

[Xyra note: Lea's selfie was taken before 2 PM. She took a few; this was the best.]

Did you get a chance to see the Solar Eclipse on Monday? 
Did you have glasses? Or make a pin-hole viewer? 
If you made a viewer was it paper like ours or a box? 
Or did you get a solar filter for your camera and capture it that way?
Final question, are you looking forward to the next one in 2019 or 2024?

Best wishes,


  1. I cheated and watched on TV. One of our local stations did excellent coverage for our area. I'm looking forward to 2024 as it is going to be a total within 12 miles of our house, so we should have some good viewing. Provided it doesn't rain! (It's in April)

    1. Not cheating at all.

      We've discussed heading out and watching around Coolspring.

    2. You are always welcome to come here too!

    3. So very true. Thank you for the invite!

  2. We drove by a local park and the library was letting people take turns with the 100 glasses they had. So, we can say we saw it, quickly! It was very cloudy here that day.

    1. That's fun! Even quickly would be good. We couldn't look at all.

  3. I watched on tv too. Tom did the same thing as Lea so we pointed out the actual sun and he had gotten a great shot!

  4. I was in the 90% zone so my family and i all went out and watched it with outlr eclipse glasses. Dad made a viewer like kaya did but ours was out of a cereal box.
    It was so cool! It didnt get darker but the light changed and the temperature dropped a few degrees

    1. That's neat! I'm glad you got to experience those changes. :-)

  5. I drove from SF to Oregon to see Totality, and it knocked my socks off. Bought the glasses, and used one pair to make filters for my camera and that of my son, who came with me.

    And yup, as soon as it was over, we were making plans to catch the next one, either in 2024 in Newfoundland (because I'm much rather go there than Oklahoma or something), or in 2019 or 20 in Chile. Or both. Preferably, both.

    Next time I'll worry less about photos and more about taking it all in. Or if I do take photos, it will be of the whole scene.

    1. Wow! That's a neat idea to make your own filter for the camera. I heard they were expensive.

      Newfoundland sounds more exotic than Cleveland. :-D

      My one step-sister took photos where they were in Illinois. They were cool, they had some clouds invade, but that made some of the photos more mysterious. She also mentioned these were practice for 2024.